Daylesford Organic Spotty Pig Easter Egg


Creamy milk chocolate egg with white chocolate spots & a handmade felt piglet toy inside sustainably grown organic cocoa from Dominican republic.

Sustainable ethical chocolate

Sourced from a cooperative of small-scale organic cocoa farmers in the Dominican Republic. Organic farming improves the soil and has a positive impact on climate change by capturing carbon.Trading the cacao fairly, ensures the people growing this chocolate get better prices for their crop, decent working conditions and investment in their communities, so that farmers can provide for themselves and their families, and decide on their own future.


The piglet is protected in a small plastic bag, otherwise all the packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable.

Contents: Milk chocolate (98%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vanilla powder), White chocolate (2%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, vanilla powder). 

    Daylesford Organic are BCorp certified.

    - We donate 1% of your purchase to 1% FTP

    Good Causes

    The Felix Project

    Right now, millions of people in the UK regularly experience hunger. Yet tonnes of surplus fresh food is thrown away every day. Inspired by Felix, (son of founder Justin Byam Shaw) we set out to change this. No one should have to miss a meal.

    The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold. We deliver this surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.