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Carefully curated & rated sustainable and eco conscious branded products and their corresponding good causes.

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Our Focus is to 'Minimise Our Human Footprint'

The Earth is facing a Climate and Wildlife Emergency; we all need to MinimiseOurHumanFootprint. One way to do that is to only buy high end sustainable eco conscious products which have a long life span. We founded Ateliers Verts as the ultimate platform to find a broad, curated range of beautifully crafted, eco conscious products all in one place.

Our Founder

Andrew has a long history of involvement with consumer brands covering a wide number of industries whilst simultaneously having a keen interest in the environment and supporting various environmental charities. Living in London, he relishes every opportunity to venture into the countryside with his kids and surround them in nature.

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The Catalyst

In 2018 Andrew was attending his industry’s annual awards dinner and at the end of that evening all the guests were given an enormous goodie bag the size of a large pillowcase stuffed with toys, pens, DVD’s, comics, stickers, sweets, gifts and keyrings. They were mostly entirely made of plastic and were low-value, non-essential items, all of which he ended up giving to a local charity shop. He knew there had to be better way. He found it was so tricky to find high end eco conscious products, that he decided to establish Ateliers Verts (Fr. 'Green Workshops') for everyone who wanted to find them and for those who wanted to discover the activities of eco charities & good causes.

Caring for the Land, Sea, Air, People & Animals

Our Rating System

We have devised The Ateliers Verts Product Rating system to give you a clear indicator as to how “eco-friendly” the products being sold on our platforms are.

The Team

Andrew Levy

Founder & Director

Theresa Simon

PR, Theresa Simon & Partners

Belinda Lester

Legal & Employment, Lionshead Law

Paul Michaelides

Accounts, Michaelides Warner

Lizzie Hindle

Web UX / UI, Round World Digital

Mendel Zalcberg

Bus Dev Executive (contract)

Good Causes

We recognise the crucial importance of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) which we have distilled into 5 overarching areas of categorisation to highlight and support so many good causes.

Every product sold on the platform is associated with a charity/good cause. Every time you buy a product from our platform we donate at least 1% of our turnover to good causes for people and the planet. We are also members of 1% for The Planet