Arcana Wild Oak Autumn Blanket

By Arcana

This beautiful large blanket depicts species supported by oak trees. In neutral tones on one side with contrasting blues on the other, it's a calming design. The fine quality of the weave and the nature of the design means you can have either side as the front, like day and night. The design is horizontal so it lends itself to lying decoratively across a bed.

Oak trees are a haven for 2,300 species, each nurtured by different parts of this majestic tree. Find green woodpeckers, purple emperors, blue ground beetles and faithful squirrels among the folds of this blanket.

Luxurious, practical and sustainable, this 75% recycled cotton finely woven blanket is machine washable.

This is the medium sized blanket, in a russet colour (in some lights it looks more pink, in some lights more orange - it's pretty special). The design is designed to be rotated, so you can lay it vertically or horizontally.

Every blanket comes with a printed Nature Connection Guide, that tells you more about the species featured.

Supporting species: 2% of all sales will go to the Woodland Trust and when you order through Ateliers Verts, we will contribute another 2%.


The blankets are woven from 75% recycled cotton, 20% spun cotton and 5% polyester that is required in the recycled cotton portion to retain its strength.

All the colours you see are woven from just six colours of threads, which can be seen in the 1.5 inch fringing on the edge. Two edges show the colours, two show black and white threads.

Each soft tapestry blanket contains over 8 miles of yarn. Because the blankets are woven, every one is reversible, showing different colours on the back.

From cosying up with a book to lying on the beach, you can use your blanket everywhere at any time of year, as the lightweight nature of the fabric allows amazing versatility.

Natural and woven fabrics and beautiful and unlike anything else. Due to their nature some minor imperfections may be present but we think this only adds to their charm.

The blankets are woven with love by a small family business in North Carolina, USA

Size: This blanket is the medium size, which is approximately 182cm x 137cm (72”x54”). It’s a very versatile size and can be used as a sofa throw, cuddle blanket, table throw, yoga or picnic blanket, or as a throw over the bottom of a bed. The exact dimensions of each design might vary slightly from the above, due to the difference in the density of weave of different colours.

Care:You can hand wash or machine wash the blanket in cold water on a delicate cycle using a mild detergent, so you don’t need to worry about loving it and taking it everywhere. Do not bleach. Line dry or machine dry on cool cycle only.


Good Causes

Woodland Trust

Woods and trees are essential. For people. For wildlife. For life. That's why we're here. And we need your help.