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If you’re finding it hard to choose between the wonderful Growbars, why not opt instead for a whole year of our cleverly curated seed collections. The perfect answer to tricky present conundrums!

We will deliver 12 Growbars to your lucky recipient, so they can choose to open one each month of the year or all at once enabling them to plant and grow a stunning garden full of dazzling flowers, healing herbs and tasty treats. 12 months worth of glorious Growbars!

What's Inside The Box? :

  1. The Tea Bar

    Grow this flourishing collection of superbly fragrant herbs to brew soothing and reviving fresh teas. Peppermint, camomile and fennel have been carefully chosen for their beauty, fragrance and flavour. They’re all simple to grow and may easily be dried for a handy year-round supply.

  2. The Confetti Bar

    What could be more romantic than beginning married life beneath a cascade of petals? The Confetti Growbar makes it simple to grow colourful confetti for your wedding, as well as the perfect present for a newly engaged couple. Clary, Cornflower and Larkspur have been chosen for their beautiful colours, delicate petal shapes and ease with which they may be grown and dried to create gorgeous natural confetti.

  3. The Cocktail Bar

    Grow fragrant herbs and beautiful flowers to enhance and embellish exotic cocktail creations. Cinnamon Basil, Borage and Lemon Balm have been carefully chosen for their beauty and fragrance. Each may be used to add flavour and an elegant flourish to cocktail creations, from the traditional to the experimental!

  4. The Popcorn Bar

    Lights, water, action! Grow impressive red and yellow corn kernels and pop your own tasty and colourful popcorn. A brilliant gift or a fun family project, this Growbar makes it simple to grow towering stalks of corn, which can be dried and popped into the most addictive snacks. Once popped, it can be flavoured with salt, sugar, chocolate, cinnamon....the possibilities are endless!

  5. The Tiny Tomato Bar

    Just add water to grow this intriguing assortment of colourful and delicious miniature tomatoes. A brilliant gift or a fun family project, this Growbar makes it simple to grow a flourishing tomato garden. They’ve carefully chosen three unusual varieties; ‘Sweetie’ are exceptionally sweet, ‘gardeners delight’ produce an abundance of small fruits and ‘yellow pear’ are, you guessed it, yellow and pear-shaped.

  6. The First Aid Bar

    Just add water to grow soothing natural remedies for life’s bumps, bites and scrapes. Rosemary, Sage and Lavender have been prized for centuries for their wide range of healing properties. They’re celebrated for their beauty and fragrance, and are essential to the traditional herb garden.

  7. The Sunflower Bar

    Grow a field of spectacular sunflowers that would make Van Gogh proud with this nifty Growbar. They’ve chosen a trio of extraordinary sunflower varieties. ‘Red Sun’ has deep red petals, whilst those of ‘Vanilla Ice’ are unusually pale. ‘Sungold’ sunflowers are grown for their gigantic fluffy heads. After the blooming is finished you can enjoy the tasty crunchy seeds.

  8. The Strawberry Bar

    Just add water to grow a bed of lusciously fragrant and sweetly delicious miniature strawberries. A brilliant gift or a fun family project, these beautiful little berries are celebrated for their sweetly fragrant flavour and long growing season, producing fruit from early summer through to the first frosts.

  9. The Bouquet Bar

    Just add water to grow elegant bridal blooms and create a uniquely beautiful wedding bouquet. Bells of Ireland, Leucanthemum and Ammi grow in shades of white and pale green. They have been carefully chosen for their balance of colour, flower and foliage to tie into the perfect bouquet. Grow your own wedding flowers or give this nifty Growbar as a unique engagement gift.

  10. The Edible Flower Bar

    Grow this colourful collection of incredible edible flowers to embellish your culinary creations. Viola, Borage and Marigold have been carefully chosen for their beauty and delicate flavour, and each have an interesting variety of uses.

  11. The Bee Bar

    These fragrant and beautiful blooms will bring bees buzzing into the garden. Hyssop, Cornflower and Sweet rocket are irresistible to these beautiful and vital insects, and are rather attractive to humans, too.

  12. The Red Hot Bar

    Grow your own fiery chillies with this trio of bold and blazing-hot pepper plants.The Red Hot Growbar is a simple way for a chilli lover to grow three chilli varieties - Habanero, Jalapeno and Serrano. This scorching assortment makes a brilliant gift or a fun family project.


Growbars are easy to grow, exciting seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by our small team in South London. Growbar is 100% eco-friendly. Our card packaging can be widely recycled, the recyclable film wrap is made from sugar cane waste, and coir is a sustainable alternative to peat that’s made with coconut fibres. 

- We donate 1% of your purchase to 1% FTP

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