As we embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, it's important to extend our eco-conscious choices to our swimwear wardrobe. Ateliers Verts proudly presents a carefully curated selection of the Top 10, high-end, and sometimes fun, eco-conscious / sustainable swimwear brands for women. From innovative materials to ethical production practices, these swimwear brands combine chic style, comfort, and a commitment to the environment. and a move towards the circular economy. Dive in and explore the perfect combination of elegance and sustainability for your summer fit. In no particular order : 

1. Heidi Klein

Heidi Klein Maldivian Blue V-Bar Bandeau Bikini

Heidi Klein are acutely aware of their sustainability responsibilities, in terms of material sourcing, production and staff welfare.  Using fibres and materials that minimise negative environmental impacts is a priority for our them without compromising on style, like this recycled nylon and elastane piece. SHOP


2. Davy J

Davy J Classic Crossback Swimsuit- Olive

Davy J was launched as a circular brand so its eco-conscious roots run deep. With a focus on beautiful and practical swimsuits exclusively for women they are perfect for active women of all shapes and sizes with designs that enhance every figure. SHOP


3. Finisterre

Finisterre Neuvya Half Zip Swimsuit 

Finisterre is at the forefront of eco-conscious apparel including surf and swimwear, offering a range of swimsuits crafted from regenerated nylon. With a strong focus on durability and design, their innovative approach ensures both fashion-forward looks and minimal environmental impact. SHOP


4. All Sisters

AllSisters Andromedae Swimsuit

Allsisters embraces the concept of "eco-luxury," creating swimsuits from recycled fishing nets and other discarded nylon waste. Their designs feature sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics, empowering women to feel confident and stylish while supporting a sustainable future. SHOP


5. Vilebrequin

 Vilebrequin Women One-piece Swimsuit Flowers Tie & Dye

Vilebrequin is a brand renowned for its high-quality swimwear, and they have taken steps towards sustainability by incorporating recycled fabrics into their collection. Their commitment to craftsmanship and eco-consciousness ensures timeless elegance without compromising the environment. SHOP


6. Dos Gardenias

Vicious The Dos Gardenias Signature Swim Suit

Dos Gardenias stands out with its focus on reducing their carbon footprint, and utilising recycled materials like Econyl into one-of-a-kind swimsuits. With their emphasis on creativity and sustainable practices, they offer unique pieces that reflect individual styles while reducing waste. SHOP


7. Patagonia

Patagonia Women's Reversible Sunrise Slider One-Piece Swimsuit

Patagonia’s passion is equal parts activewear and ethics, so you can expect high-performance wear that are stretchy, secure, and sustainably made from fair trade recycled fabrics. Since 1985, Patagonia has pledged one percent of its sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment, so you can feel good about your purchase whether you’re planning to catch waves, play with your kids or nap by the shore. SHOP 


8. Deakin & Blue

Deakin & Blue X Back Swimsuit Cobalt Monroe 

Deakin & Blue's ethos is to make swimwear in sustainable materials to suit women of all shapes and sizes. They will even go the extra mile for mastectomy patients. This impressive versatility combined with their support for marine initiatives makes them a real winner empowering women to get back in the water. SHOP 


9. Fisch

 Fisch Regatta Jet Black Swimsuit

Fisch is an eco-innovative label inspired by the Creative Director's childhood spent on Saint Barthélemy snorkelling and exploring the island’s wildlife. Fisch is committed to repurposing harmful ocean plastics to create its beautifully contemporary swimwear. Each piece is crafted in Italy from Econyl, in fact they were amongst the first adopters of the material. SHOP


10. Batoko 

 Batoko Lobster Swimsuit

Lastly for a bit of fun- we think you can still be fun and chic! - This Batoko Lobster Swimsuit is made out of recycled materials and elastane and for every swimsuit sold Batoko pay for the release of a lobster born in the UK National hatchery. Big and bold digitally printed images are their staple. SHOP 


Have a lovely Summer !!


(Header Image: courtesy of Vintage Everyday


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