Dos Gardenias Vicious Signature Swim Suit

Our reigning design is here to stay. Plunging neckline, ultra thigh-high cut, criss cross straps: simple, chic, sexy. 

Made with ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon
Adjustable Straps w/Matte Metal Sliders
Fully Lined
Two-Way Stretch
Chlorine Resistant
UPF 50+

All their hangtags are FSC-certified and the strings made of cotton.


Dos Gardenias support a number of good causes.


Good Causes

Waves For Water

Access to clean water is a game-changer. The overall health benefits are obvious, but the ripple effect that happens when clean water is introduced into a community is profound, and often overlooked. Sure, the risk of waterborne illnesses such as, Cholera, Salmonella, Giardia, E. Coli, and Typhoid, is mitigated–but it also positively affects many other aspects of life.

Less money spent on medicine and clinic visits, plus less time staying home being sick, less time collecting water or the wood to boil that water, means a significant change to the socioeconomics of a community. Less sick days for children means a higher attendance in school, changing the outcome of their overall education. The list goes on: infant care, feminine hygiene, women empowerment. All of these reasons are a driving force for us, but it is the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to clean water, as a basic human right, that drives us everyday.

Day in and day out we channel that drive as we work on the front lines providing access to clean water through the implementation of portable water filtration systems, the digging and renovating of bore-hole wells, and the construction of rainwater harvesting/storing systems (in places where groundwater is not accessible).