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The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses

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Our sunglasses are made from plastic we removed from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch during our operations in 2019.

Designed in California by Yves Béhar and made in Italy by Safilo – this is probably the most stylish way you can help rid the oceans of plastic. And, should the time come, they’ve been designed to be easily recycled.

We have also carbon compensated for fuel emissions during the offshore campaign.

Now, by supporting our mission, you can give this plastic a second chance and help turn a problem into a solution.

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The Ocean Cleanup

Our aim is to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic, which requires global initiative. With the help and support of individuals, corporations and governments all over the world, we aim to realize the mission and work towards a future where plastic no longer pollutes our oceans.

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