RAND Spirit 25 Electric Boat


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This is the RAND Spirit 25 from the Privilege Series.

RAND Boats strive to  change and contribute to the sustainable mindset of powering motorboats. Regarding this we believe that by a sustainable approach to nature and our environment, the more freeing the experience at sea will be.

At RAND Boats we make no compromises in the process of building the boats. Likewise our partners are highly sustainable in their industries as well. Compared to similar boat productions, RAND Boats uses only half of the material when producing boats.
This means that the foam kernel is made of recycled plastic bottles, and in the same way the deck and tables are made from sustainable forestry wood.

RAND Boats offers the electric propulsion systems, which enhance the sustainable approach, and the feeling of freedom even more.

- We donate 1% of your purchase to 1% FTP