Pure Advance+ Electric Scooter


This is the Pure Advance+ Electric Scooter Adult, Ultimate Riding Position, 31mi (50KM) Long Range, 500W Motor, Lightweight Foldable Electric Scooters, E Scooter with 10" Tubeless Tyres and Indicators

  • SLIMLINE ELECTRIC SCOOTER FOLDS INTO THIN, NARROW SHAPE - 70% narrower than a standard e scooter, the Advance+ has folding handlebars, footpads and steering tube so it seamlessly fits into your life, as well as your hallway
  • THE ULTIMATE RIDING POSITION - unlike conventional electric scooters adults ride, the Advance+ enables the rider to take a natural stance with their feet either side of the chassis, delivering a more stable, controlled and safer ride
  • POWERFUL 500W MOTOR AND 50KM RANGE - equipped with a robust 500W motor, this fast electric scooter makes every ride a breeze, even on inclines of up to 19%. Brisk acceleration and a 31 mile (50km) range ensures an exceptional ride that goes that extra mile
  • IMPROVED VISIBILITY & RAIN PROOF - ride with maximum visibility. Handlebar and footpad indicators, 150 lumen headlight and a rear running light that doubles as a brake light. Ride this IP65 waterproof rated adult electric scooter whatever the weather
  • BUILT FOR SAFETY WITH NO COMPROMISE TO PERFORMANCE - Pure Electric Scooters have 10" tubeless tyres that deliver a smooth, comfortable and puncture-resistant ride. Active steering stabilisation allows better control, even on rougher surfaces

This is the Mercury Grey colour variant.

Pure partner with Moose Electric Scooters for refurbishments to avoid landfill.

Good Causes


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