Men's Hylo Legacy in Sand


Providing all-day comfort for the runner when they're not running. Celebrating running’s heritage. Building its future.

The LEGACY’s 50% bio-based midsole provides all day comfort in-between runs. A breathable single knit upper and SpacerKnit padded heel provides lockdown and support whilst you recover.


PLA, Sugarcane Derived: 38.64% | EVA: 12.98% | Natural Rubber: 12.03% | Binders: 8.24% | Recycled Polyester: 4.97% | PU Foam: 4.80% | Biodegradable Polyester: 3.39% | Lyocell: 3.32% | PLA, Corn-Derived: 2.79% | Organic Cotton: 2.49% | Cotton: 2.23% | Water-based glue: 1.40% | Susterra®: 0.53% | Bio-based TPU: 0.30% | Polyester: 0.29% | NFC: 0.01% | Water-based ink: 0.01% 


Packaging: Our box is made of FSC-recycled cardboard with no additional packaging used from factory to foot.

Recyclable: When you are finished with your shoes, you can send them back to us for recycling. 

Supplier: Assembled in SEMS, China. We conduct regular third-party audits of labour conditions.

Needless to say Hylo are BCorp (UK) certified.


Good Causes

Common Goal

With more than three billion fans, football is the largest social phenomenon on the planet. No other sport boasts such wealth. Or such reach. Or such cultural significance. The beautiful game is in a league of its own.

For many, the game forms community. It binds people together and creates a common language they can all speak. And for some, it already serves as a powerful tool for addressing social challenges in their communities - but no systemic link exists between the professional game and the many community based football organisations around the world.
By creating a more thorough link between football players, managers, fans, organisations, brands, and football for good organisations, we can join the global football community together on a team big enough and strong enough to take on the world's toughest opponents from HIV/AIDS to gender inequality to youth unemployment.

The idea is simple. Common Goal’s members pledge 1% of their earnings to a central fund. And together we allocate this fund to high-impact organisations that harness the power of football to advance the United Nations Global Goals.