Hermès Cheval Punk Muffler

By Hermès

Hermès Cheval Punk Muffler in Eucalyptus Green.

Made from 100% Cashmere (with lambskin label)

Based on the design of the Cheval Punk scarf.

This design by Daiske Nomura is inspired by numerous elements from the Émile Hermès collection.

A horse figurine with a mane that resembles a punk Mohawk was the inspiration for the scarf. Daiske Nomura then incorporated many elements from the museum, in particular for the harness. The Hermès caduceus and elements from the museum can be seen in the horse's tattoos. The message badges mix the worlds of punk and Hermès.

Made in Italy

Designed by  Daiske Nomura

Dimensions: 60 x 200 cm


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