Hemp Eyewear 3500 BCE


The model name 3500 BCE is derived from the fact that there is archaeological evidence showing extensive use of hemp across various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life, dating back to 3500 BCE. It was found to be included in the burial clothing of Pharaoh Akhenaten and crucial in the successful construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Made from Hemp and 100% natural dye (chlorophyll powder and water) - Your friends are going to ask questions. We have created the most unique material in eyewear using our eco technology.

100% UV Protection - full UV400 lenses for protection from the sun

Quality Spring Hinges - Eyewear to fit any shape of head. Hinges made from high quality nickel alloy.

One of a Kind - Nature has no straight lines. Individual plant fibres form different patterns within the material making every pair unique. 

Lightweight and Strong  - Our technology produces solid hemp material which has comparable properties to carbon fibre. Perfect for comfortable eyewear.  

Quality Handcrafted in the UK - All of our frames are crafted by hand using sustainable technology and traditional artisanal techniques.

Vegan- We care about the welfare of animals as well as sustainability. Vegan eyewear from packaging, production to polish.

Box, Pouch, Cleaning Cloth - we provide everything you need to keep your sunglasses safe and lenses clean. Box and pouch are also made from hemp


Good Causes


Promoting Veganism and Animal Welfare.