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Golden Goose Yatay Model 1B Sneakers

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These Golden Goose Yatay Model 1B Sneakers are made of recycled and bio-based materials.

Our innovative Yatay Model 1B is a further stage of this responsible journey we have been living – together with you.

With a white upper in YatayTM 1B, a bio-based material derived from non-food plant sources, this highly durable animal-free sneaker with low environmental impact features a white Y to symbolize the principle of circularity, running along the shoe from one side to the other.

The biodegradable sole is made by hand-engraving every print, making each piece unique and giving it our unmistakable lived-in signature. Printed white on white, the left heel tab features a unique code, the key to accessing our sustainable initiatives. Move Forward with us.

  • White upper in YatayTM 1B, a bio-based material derived from non-food plant sources
  • Lining with viscose base derived from ethical sources
  • White Y in bio-based material
  • White right heel tab with heat-stamped logo
  • White left heel tab with heat-stamped unique code
  • White recycled cotton and polyester laces
  • Sole in lived-in white biodegradable rubber

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