François The Rooster by Adada

By Adada

Vive La France!

François, the rooster, is the fruit of traditional craftsmanship from Adada's workshop in Brittany, proudly embodying the colours of France. Entirely handmade, this plush rooster features a bright red crest on a body adorned with the colours bleu, blanc, rouge, (blue, white, red) symbolising France's cultural heritage. Soft to the touch, thanks to its OEKO TEX 100-certified fabric, François promises comfort and cuddles, while stimulating colour learning and sensory awareness.

Each François is unique, thanks to carefully hand-embroidered details that testify to exceptional craftsmanship. Designed with high-quality materials and meeting the most stringent safety standards, it ensures a safe play experience for children. Machine washable, François is a durable companion, ready to accompany little ones on their daily adventures and become a guardian of the values we hold dear.

He's been lovingly handmade in France by talented seamstresses. His outer fabric is made from 80% Organic Cotton and 20% polyester and the stuffing is polyester.

Suitable for all ages including babies.

He is 23cm in height

He's easy to keep clean and can be washed by hand or in the machine at 30 degrees. 

A real joy for Chicken-lover and Francophiles!

- We donate 1% of your purchase to 1% FTP

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