Alexandre Turpault Belize Printed Organic Cotton Beach Towel


BELIZE is a subtle declaration of love to coral reefs and the ocean floor.

Dive into the depths of this orange and delicate white pattern, highlighted with a cane border. On this very large jacquard design, evoking the coral reef, seaweed and starfish intertwine to form a very decorative whole. A top-of-the-range product with a classic and essential look that reveals great elegance.

Accompany your trips to the water's edge with our GOTS-certified organic cotton beach towel, velvet jacquard (500 g/m²). Thick and soft, this reversible model - one side velvet and one side terry - offers real comfort and good absorption to dry you off after swimming. These properties are enhanced by the use of organically grown cotton.

Beach Towel 100% organic cotton - GOTS label - 500g/m² terry cloth - velvet jacquard. 500 g/m² terry cloth, reversible model (velvet side and terry side).

180cm x 100cm

Made in Portugal

Pictured is the Orange colour variant

Good Causes

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