Topiku Laskar OLV 02 Baseball Hat

By Topiku

The world's most sustainable baseball hat.

The classic six-panel ball cap, reimagined with a process that’s 6x cooler. Ethically handcrafted by artisans in Desa Rahayu, Cigondewah, Indonesia, out of upcycled and  recycled waste components.

Base fabric: GOTS-certified organic cotton twill; leftovers from curtain production.

Brim fabric: batik-motif printed on cloth; offcuts from Danar Hadi.

Brim material: rHDPE plastic; recycled from landfill waste.

Top button: metal scraps; cut out from aluminum + tin cans.

Our batik-motif fabrics are offcuts sourced from the cutting room floor of Indonesian fashion label Danar Hadi. For over 50 years, Danar Hadi has cultivated traditional techniques for batik-making and has offered long-term relationships with its employees.


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