SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush


Great health starts with your teeth. SURI is a revolutionary new sustainable electric toothbrush delivering a maximum clean with a minimal impact.

Slim, sonic, & sustainable.

SURI's new MicraSonic™ magnetic motor is one third the size of standard electric toothbrushes but delivers 33,000 plaque lifting vibrations per minute.

Innovative plant-based heads.

Our heads are made from corn starch and castor oil and we recycle them for free (as we should). The bristles are medium/soft with a slim shape great for pivoting around the mouth and interdental cleaning.

Modern features you’d expect:

  • Premium Accessories Included (UV Cleaning Case + Wall-Mount Stand)
  • Slim form that's great for everyday use or traveling.
  • 30 Day battery and 4-hour fast charge via USB C
  • Fully waterproof design IPX7 Rated
  • Multiple cleaning modes (Polish + Everyday Clean)
  • Built-in tongue scraper & haptic notifications/timer

This is the Fern Green version.

SURI have partnered with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of their carbon emissions and are BCorp certified-pending.

Good Causes

Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organisation working to eliminate carbon emissions. We enlist consumers by giving them a simple choice - the choice to look for a climate label when they spend money. We enable brands by creating access to tools and networks that support them during their decarbonisation journey. We measure impact by the tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent that our brands measure, remove, avoid, and reduce.