ASPIGA Dog Collar Full Beaded Silver


Our striking, bold and bright dog collar is perfect for any fluffy friend. Fully handmade and beaded in Kenya exclusively for Aspiga, each collar is as beautiful as it is unique. The genuine leather is sourced from a tannery in Nairobi, dyed and sun dried by our talented Artisans.100%.

We recommend size extra small for all toy dogs and small Terriers, small dog collars for Terriers, medium for Spaniels and large for Labradors
  • Size XS: Length to first hole 24cm, length to middle hole 27cm, length to last hole 30cm, Height 1.75cm
  • Size S: Length to first hole 27cm, length to middle hole 31cm, length to last hole 35cm, height 2cm
  • Size M: Length to first hole 35.5cm, length to middle hole 37.5cm, length to last hole 40cm, Height 2cm
  • Size L: Length to first hole 40.5cm, length to middle hole 42.5cm, length to last hole 44.5cm, Height 2.5cm
  • Size XL: Length to first hole 43cm, length to medium hole 46cm and length to last hole 51cm, Height 3cm.


  • Our glass beads are fully recyclable and are coloured using natural dyes
  • Glass beads are a particularly good alternative to plastic beads because when it breaks down, it remains safe and stable and releases no harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment
  • Glass also takes far less energy to produce and has a long life span
  • We only use leather byproducts from the meat industry, the leather would otherwise be wasted
  • Additionally, our leather is only coloured using natural dyes. It will last a lifetime and be passed onto future generations. It is the antithesis of fast fashion.
  • The dog collar bags are made by the Heri Girls who are part of the Elimu Sewing Project in Kenya which supports young women from vulnerable backgrounds to pursue a 2-year training program which equips them with income-generating skills and a sewing trade.

ASPIGA support numerous good causes and offset their carbon emissions and are award winners for their sustainability ethics and practices. They are also BCorp Certified.

- We donate 1% of your purchase to 1% FTP

Good Causes


Providing Rainwater Harvesting in semi-arid areas.

We help vulnerable, remote communities catch and store rainwater so they don't have to drink dirty water.

WaterHarvest is a UK not for profit