Araminta Campbell Minta Caramel Fern British Alpaca Hot Water Bottle


Add warm accents to your chosen space with finely-crafted pieces in neutral hues. When nature is reflected in design, the results are timeless.

The Araminta Campbell alpaca pieces have been described as “ultra luxury,” with an exquisite appearance and an unbelievably soft touch. Alpaca is a natural fibre that exudes a sense of luxury. Not only does it possess exceptional softness, but it is also incredibly durable. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, as it contains no lanolin, and offers supreme softness.

The Minta Collection has been guided by centuries of Scottish tradition, and inspired by the natural forms of ferns, willows and woodland inkcap mushrooms.

Hot water bottle, with warm alpaca cover in Fern Design and insert of 1 litre capacity. Created in an artisan mill in Scotland from 100% sustainably-sourced British alpaca in grey and natural white.

  • Colour: Natural Caramel & White
  • Size 28 x 20 cm 
  • Woven in Scotland in an artisan mill
  • With 1 Litre Insert

For every purchase of this item Araminta Campbell are donating 1% to The River Dee Trust.


Araminta Campbell's alpaca fleeces are sourced from the UK with complete traceability. The brand was established with sustainability at its core. This encompasses sourcing locally where possible to reduce our carbon footprint, to ensuring the animals who provide the fibre are well cared for and that the people who care for them are paid fairly. We can be 100% confident in this with our alpaca fibre whilst providing field to fabric traceability.

There are approximately 5 million alpacas worldwide that are utilised for their fleeces,and alpaca ranks second only to silk in terms of strength. It offers luxurious softness yet it durable and resilient making these pieces true heritage treasures that will last a lifetime. 

Additionally, alpaca fibres are long and  hollow, with an insulating core that quickly warms up and retains heat for longer periods. This natural insulation allows for effective temperature regulation through the air pockets in the fibres.

As the term “The Gold of the Andes” implies, the Incas held alpaca fibre in higher regard than even gold or silver.


We can organise a Private Appointment to Araminta Campbell's atelier in Scotland to browse her exclusive collections and one-off alpaca pieces. Please Contact Us for more information.

- We donate 1% of your purchase to 1% FTP

Good Causes

River Dee Trust

The River Dee Trust is a community-based charitable company, registered in Scotland, No. SC028497, set up in 1998 and tasked with looking after the UK’s highest river. The River Dee stretches 81 miles from the source high up in the Cairngorms, right down through Royal Deeside to where it joins the North Sea at the City of Aberdeen.

The Trust is working towards the vision of a thriving river supporting abundant biodiversity and binding strong the Deeside communities in Northeast Scotland.

The River Dee is also a focus for intense freshwater conservation actions to help save the iconic Atlantic salmon, threatened and representative of all wildlife’s imminent threats.

The team deliver outdoor and classroom education in primary and secondary schools in the North East, so that our young people can better understand the importance of their surroundings.

The work is guided by the principle of how we can all better understand and improve the River so that we may look after it for this and future generations. To achieve these aims the River Dee Trust must raise sufficient funds so that these works can be achieved to the highest standard.  

With your support the Trust will be able to meet their aims and continue looking after the Dee and the surrounding area, for many years to come.