We sometimes feel pressured to conform to what everyone else around us is doing. Valentine's Day can be one of those days! We're not being cynical, well we are actually! True romantics look forward to giving a Valentine's Day gift to their loved ones. Some of us are a bit more last-minute as the pressure builds and want an easy life!

So we thought we'd make it easy for you to choose flowers, chocolates and champagne. You probably also want the gifts to arrive on time too, so we've curated all these from Amazon to save you the hassle.

And as you'd expect from Ateliers Verts we've also curated the most eco-conscious items we could find to #MinimiseOurHumanFootprint. Just click on the images to shop.


You can either go down the traditional Red Rose route or the White Rose Route- the bouquets look stunning and and we've chosen the ones where the packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable.

Red Roses (around £25)

Red King Rose Fresh Cut Flowers


White Roses (around £21)

Pure Delight - Say It with Flowers, Fresh Cut Flowers


"The refined bubbles and nuanced flavours of a great Champagne evoke romance that few other wines can" - which makes it perfect for sharing on Valentine's Day. We chosen a Rosé and a White Champagne for your preference.

Ruinart is committed to sustainability and launched an eco-designed case for this rosé.  It's molded to the shape of the bottle and made of 100% entirely recyclable paper. This Ruinart Rosé is a blend of the freshness of chardonnay (45%) which is the signature taste of Ruinart, and the fruitiness of pinot noir (43% vinified as white and 12% vinified as red). . 

Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV in Gift Case, 75cl (around £88)

Ruinart Second Skin Rosé Champagne NV in Gift Case, 75cl

Champagne Louis Roederer now farms their entire 242 hectare estate according to organic and biodynamic principles, seeking to work hand -in- hand with nature to get the best out of what is naturally given to them. This is great for the planet and great for you. So in case you'd rather have a traditional champagne (white, not rosé) we'd suggest:

Champagne Louis Roederer Collection 243, Gift Boxed, 750ml Champagne (around £55)

Champagne Louis Roederer Collection 243, Gift Boxed, 750ml


Chocolate is probably the hardest gift to get because everyone has different tastes, they may like white, milk or dark chocolates. Also couples will probably share on Valentine's Day so a selection box is probably the way to go.

We've chosen this Love Cocoa by James Cadbury selection box for many reasons including the fact that they're delicious, eco-consciously made and the company is BCorp Certified and like us are members of 1% For The Planet.

Love Cocoa Chocolate Selection Box (Patisserie Box) (around £25)

Love Cocoa Chocolate Selection Box

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone 💚


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