Travelling, be it on the ground, on water or in the air has seen a multitude of cleaner, electric options emerge, as battery technology, aided by governmental incentives, means longer, more practical, electric rides are becoming viable.

But it's not always about practicality- it's also about the environment and style! 

Marine pollution from cruise ships and cargo vessels is grim, with maritime transport accounting for about 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide. So electric power and wind harnessing technology is the way to go. All the better if you can do it in a stealthy sleek way!

Aviation accounts for 2.5% of global CO₂ emissions. 

Private cars and vans were responsible for more than 25% of global oil use and around 10% of global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2022.

So we all need to #MinimiseOurHumanFootprint and make the switch to electric travel. 

We take a look at the Top 10 Cool Electric Rides across Land, Sea and Air.

1) The Riva El-Iseo Powerboat

Unmistakably elegant lines - This is Riva's first full-electric powerboat that launches a new E-Luxury segment under the banner of eco-consciousness. Riva El-Iseo is a 27-foot (8.40 m) runabout with a maximum beam of 2.5 m with its legendary elegant and sophisticated lines, styled in the same vein as the much-loved and versatile Iseo from which it inherited the hull design. (More)

2) The Triton 3300/6 Submersible

Designed for deployment from a super-yacht - The Triton 3300/6's streamlined design brings an elegant aethetic to a a configuration that has been tightly optimised for deployment from a super-yacht. 6 passengers can experience space and comfort never seen before in a submersible capable of diving to 1000m. (More)

3) LIFT4 eFoil

Established in 2010 Lift have had years of experience to perfect their craft. The updated Hand Controller is tough and has new saftety features for precise throttle and power control,  The Lift4 eFoil is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion battery allowing for up to 2.5 hours of riding with their Full Range Battery, or 100 minutes with their Gen4 Light Battery. With smooth eFoil wings and their Quiet Ride Technology, riders listen to nature, not their equipment! (More)

4) OpenPPG SP140 V2.0 electric Paramotor

This is the OpenPPG SP140 V2.0 Electric Paramotor.  With its clean and simple design and operations, you’ll be flying more and on the ground adjusting/ tinkering less. Electric allows super high reliability at an affordable  price. This electric paramotor outperforms the standard petrol motor in thrust, weight, low vibration, quiet flying, and dependability. The SP140 is simply the best EPPG/PPG on the market and has a flight time of up to 80 minutes. (More)

5) Pipistrel Velis Electro


The VELIS Electro, manufactured by Pipistrel in Slovenia, is the World's first light aircraft with EASA and UK CAA Type certification powered solely by electric propulsion. The Pipistrel aircraft family boasts an outstanding safety record, attributed to its robust carbon fibre fuselage and cockpit shielded by Kevlar. Primarily used in training it is also used as a private plane! (More)

6) LiveWire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle


Born out of Harley Davidson, the Livewire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle is built for speed, agility, and acceleration. It's cool heritage is combined with awseome performance like 0-60 in 3 seconds launch and a 113 mile range. Using a unique 19" wheel and tire package and LiveWire's electric powertrain, the suspension provides optimal rider control, comfort and precise handling with SHOWA® shocks. (More)

7) Apollo GO Electric Scooter

With the Apollo GO Scooter 2024 they've pretty much thought of everything! The dual-motor Apollo Go achieves speeds up to 28 MPH with a 30-mile range, all within a compact, 46 lb, IP66 water-resistant frame. Self healing tyres- no more flats, Regenerative braking - feeding back energy  and 360° lighting are just some of the amazing features. (More)

8) Scott Addict eRide 10 Bike

The Scott Addict eRide 10 Bike looks like their normal road bike and that's why its cool. But with electric power it'll enhance your ride massively.  With a carbon frame it's light and Shimano Ultegra Di2 Disc 24 Speed are a breeze like on a regular road bike- the Mahle Motor Hub drive will help power you when its needed. (More)

9) Canyon Spectral:ON CFR 

The Spectral:ON CFR is the no holds barred edition of Canyon's ultimate e-MTB all rounder. Their top of the line carbon fibre frame, best in class suspension, stellar drivetrain and carbon wheels from just 21.7 kg (with the 720 Wh battery option) - this truly is the dream build for all those wanting amazing e-MTB performance. (More)

10) VW The ID. Buzz


If this list was about the best overall electric car we'd probably go for the new Tesla Model 3 but this is the cool list, and this VW ID. Buzz is cool. Reinventing the legendary VW T1, the ID. Buzz is the result. To bring its iconic design into the age of electric mobility, VW have reinterpreted it with the characteristic design DNA of the old models fused with electric power, futuristic styling and versatility for use at home and at work. (More)


Please do let us know if you think we've got it wrong - we'd love to hear some other suggestions for the Top 10 Cool Electric Rides.


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