In the search for a 'Better For You' snack we've always been drawn to Lentil Chips because they contain significantly less fat than regular crisps and have a higher protein content.

So we thought we'd share our choices.

The two sea salt varieties we buy regularly are Eat Real:

Eat Real Lentil Chips with Sea Salt

and Proper chips:

Proper Lentil Chips with Sea Salt

Usually we'll buy the one that's on promotion in Sainsbury's, but we do have a favourite. So we thought we'd run a side by side comparison to see which is better- whatever 'better' means!

Eat Real Proper Comment 
Lentil Flour content 40% 30% ER has more lentil
Vegetable oils used Rapeseed Sunflower & Rapeseed Interesting see 'Fat' below
Starch Potato & Corn Potato & Corn Same same
Fat / Saturates 21g / 1.7g 20.8g / 3.0g ER has less saturated fat 
Carbs 62.1g 63.6g ER has lower carbs
Fibre 4.5g 0.7g ER has way more fibre
Protein 8.0g 9.7g Proper has higher protein
Salt 2.4g 1.84g Proper has lower salt
Certs Vegan, Gluten Free, Beth Din certified Vegan, Gluten Free, BCorp certified Proper has a better ethos
Chip shape Rectangular Triangular  Triangles scoop dips nicely


Proper, being that they are BCorp certified, are also on a mission to be carbon net zero by 2030 and introduce recyclable packaging.

It's not quite Coca-Cola vs Pepsi but there have always been rumours that they are actually owned by the same company, even though that's patently not true.

With the case of Real vs Proper it is true! Exponent Private Equity own them both and they are under their WARP Snacks umbrella.

So whatever you are looking for in a snack, be it high fibre, low saturated fat or a nice mouth-feel, you will determine your favourite.

Our favourite is Proper chips due to their texture, shape, higher protein content and BCorp status. but don't tell Eat Real- as we still buy theirs too!


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