The Global lockdown triggered by the Coronavirus Pandemic has resulted in numerous positive benefits on the environment.


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Incidents of improved air quality, the emergence of native animals into urban environments, the cleansing of waterways and reduced noise pollution have been widely circulated on social media. These are positive improvements for all life on Earth, not just for humanity. Furthermore, these are tangible effects which can been seen, heard and smelled- not just hypotheses.

So faced with these real benefits, surely now is the time for us all to lobby our respective Governments, get them to treat the Climate Emergency in a ‘similar’ way to the covid19 emergency and to push for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. It’s crazy to think that Governments know that air pollution costs them $billions every year in healthcare, when they could actually be putting in measures into reducing the cost of healthcare which would enable them to invest in clean energies like- wind, solar, or wave.


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So why is Japan building more Coal-fired power- stations? (nuclear disaster issues aside) Why has the USA decided to cease all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement?

Why has China chosen not to enforce environmental rules at this time?


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 The problem is short term gain. Governments get elected by improving their voter’s financial wellbeing- Are you going to vote for a government that taxes you more so you have less money, so that they can build a windfarm which will bring savings benefits in 10 years’ time or are you going to vote for someone who will tax you less so you can you fund your kids’ educational fees this year?

We have seen so clearly recently, that we are truly a global interconnected planet. What happens in one country affects all other countries in one way or another. Whether it be a global pandemic, plastic in the ocean, land clearance or the burning of fossil fuels, the impacts are felt everywhere. Earth is an intricate web of connectivity exacerbated and disrupted by human interference.

We need a global body with a representative from each nation  to deal with the global emergency issues like pandemics and the climate emergency. They should be given a fund to invest in preventing and reversing global emergencies. That fund would be a percentage of GDP from each nation. Finances would be provided to help countries build hospital facilities and invest in clean energy and environmental initiatives which affect the climate. You could argue that Ocean (water) Pollution is a global crisis too, so that could be part of their remit.

Poorer countries need help to attain the healthcare, environmental and social levels of richer countries, indeed all living beings - plants, animals, fish, humans should be entitled to clean air, clean water, sanitation and shelter just as a basic right.

We need to act NOW. #MinimiseOurHumanFootprint

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