Made for Life Organics Botanical Hand Sanitiser


Made For Life botanical anti-virus and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser. Alcohol and organic essential oil recipe kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, for hygienic hands on the go. Contains a purifying blend of tea tree, lemongrass and lavendin, the all-natural formulation will leave hands smelling fresh and feeling clean, with no sticky residue. Perfect to keep on your desk, in your bag and to add to your travel essentials list, this essential is made for healthy hands.

  •  Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses
  • Contains 64.98% alcohol
  • With a purifying blend of organic lavender, tea tree, lemongrass and lavendin

Packaging: Bottle: 100% can be recycled with all glass.


Good Causes

Made For Life Foundation

The Made For Life Foundation supports those diagnosed with and recovering from cancer and those who are supporting them on that difficult journey. Our organic skincare is often beneficial to those going through cancer, and we are passionate about supporting people going through this.