BamBaw Essentials Wet Shaving Kit

By BamBaw

This zero-waste shaving kit is the sustainable antidote to the existing alternatives of single-use or plastic products,

Around two billion disposable and plastic razors are discarded in our landfills, resulting in tons of plastic waste every year. Razors frequently wind up as residual home waste due to a lack of logistics and resources for processing and recycling.

Thankfully, the alternatives that are all included in this wet shaving kit which offers a much more satisfying and memorable shaving experience for the user and the planet.

Included in the kit:

  • 1x Natural shaving soap - detoxifying
  • 1x Vegan shaving brush - black
  • 1x Metal safety razor - black
  • 5x 5 Razor blades

The Natural Shaving Soap: is made in collaboration with Alpine brand 'Into the Beard'  with Natural and organic ingredients (min 99,5% of organic ingredients in oils and balms), No synthetic products,Recyclable packaging (glass or aluminium), no secondary packaging it's tested on consenting bearded men!

The Vegan Shaving Brush: the Bambaw shaving brush is fashioned using the best materials to deliver the most pleasing shaving experience. The brush helps achieve the softest shave by washing away dust, dead skin cells and allowing its user to apply a proper coating of shaving soap to its skin thanks to its soft synthetic bristles.The nylon bristles do not smell, dry quickly, and do not fall out, in addition to being animal friendly.

The Metal Safety Razor: is ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike. The metal razor is precisely balanced thanks to its long and riffled handle, allowing for precisely the appropriate amount of pressure on the skin to guarantee a close shave. With the black Bambaw metal safety razor, you can say goodbye to ingrown hair and razor burns and hello to a clean, close shave.

The safety razor is made entirely of brass and is corrosion resistant.

The Razor Blades: Swedish stainless steel seemed the best choice of material for safety razor blades because of its purity, which prevents corrosion, and outstanding sharpness. These blades are universal as they work with any safety razor. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to use them to shave any part of your body. For safety and convenience, each blade is carefully wrapped in wax paper. The blades are durable and will not rust, thanks to their platinum coating.

BamBaw aim for Zero Waste, are CO2 neutral and support Plastic Soup Foundation

Ateliers Verts will contribute 2% to Plastic Soup Foundation when you order here.

Good Causes

Plastic Soup Foundation

You can’t have missed the word ‘plastic soup’; you come across it in the news almost every day. It’s about litter, animal suffering and your own health.

With our work, we focus more and more on the link between plastics and human health. Our dedicated campaigns in microplastics and plastic pollution are directly related to this. Next to this, we see educational activities as one of our most important pillars; because children are the future. And last but not least: we like to expose where the problems lie, especially within the industry and the government!