Our Focus is to 'Minimise Our Human Footprint'

We trust the science and are totally aware that as the Earth is facing a Climate and Wildlife Emergency, we all need to #minimiseourhumanfootprint and tackle these emergencies head-on, right now!

Our Founder & CEO

Andrew has had a long history of involvement with consumer brands covering a wide number of industries whilst simultaneously having a keen interest in the environment and supporting various environmental charities. Living in London he took every opportunity to venture into the countryside with his kids and surround them in nature.

The Catalyst

In 2018 Andrew was attending his industry’s annual awards dinner and at the end of that evening all the guests were given an enormous goodie bag the size of a large pillowcase stuffed with toys, pens, DVD’s, comics, stickers, sweets, gifts and keyrings. They were mostly entirely made of plastic and were low-value, non-essential items, all of which he ended up giving to a local charity shop. He knew there had to be better way.


With a strong belief that we should all still be able to buy high-end products with an ethical DNA and that we should support all the Good Causes that are doing so much to address the Climate and Wildlife Emergencies, and in recognition of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Ateliers Verts® was conceived.

Ateliers Verts

'Ateliers Verts' literally means 'Green Workshops'. We carefully curate the high end products in a marketplace where brands can co-exist bound by their principles. We have seen so many worthy Charities, NGOs and Good Causes working towards a greener planet and we are doing what we can to support them. (How to pronounce 'Ateliers Verts')

1% of our Turnover

Ateliers Verts is putting its money where its mouth is and pledging one percent (1%) of its Turnover to the Good Causes listed on the Ateliers Verts® platform. Meaning every time a customer buys a product from our platform we donate 1% of the turnover to the corresponding charity. 

Future Positive

It is our belief that one day all products will be well made and "high-end" and they will just happen to also be "ethical". It is hoped that we will be able to look back and say that we helped consumers to play a significant role in achieving this belief.

Welcome to the World of Ateliers Verts®.